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Creation of a website on CMS Joomla — order development on Joomla | Price

Author: Анатолий Ситников

  • Creating a website on a convenient CMS system
  • Available and understandable admin site
  • Search Engine Optimization for Google
  • Company logo development
  • Provide website placement for 1 year
  • Full support for the site in the future
  • Objective and clear cost of the site
Best price! JOOMLA
FROM $992
 Adaptation to mobile phones as a gift!

Вид сайтаСайт услугМагазинЛендинг
Стоимость сайта от $ 992 от $ 1190 от $ 990
Платеж для начала работы 50%
Сроки в рабочих днях от 10
Гарантия на успешность*
Реклама сайта (по желанию) При заказе сайта скидка 15%
SEO оптимизация** $ 590
Реклама в Google** $ 390
Реклама в соц. сетях** $ 390
Адаптация под мобильные
Готовое дизайн решение
Обучение пользованием сайта
Открытый код движка сайта
Понятная админ панель сайта
Возможность подключения CRM
Поддержка сайта бесплатно первый месяц после создания

*Под гарантией на успешность подразумевается гарантия по договору на звонки и заявки с сайта, в случае, если дальнейшей рекламой занимается наша группа компаний.

**Разовая оплата. Отдельно оплачивается бюджет на показы рекламы в Google или в социальных сетях. Бюджет на SEO продвижение сайта в месяц от $ 390. Минимальный бюджет на показы в Facebook и Instagram $ 5 в сутки. Минимальный бюджет на клики в Google в сутки $ 20.

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 Order a site calculation on Joomla now!

Selection of the platform on which the site will be created is one of the main solutions, which determines the level of further investment, the timing of the project, as well as the performance, functionality and reliability of the resource.

From the most popular CMS platforms, which open a lot of functions to the programmer and user - "engine" called Joomla.

Site development on Joomla - is the right solution, which gives a direct opportunity to translate into reality all the wishes of the customer. Convenient and functional, understandable and simple platform makes it possible to create and administer almost any Internet resource.

Why not, ordering a site on Jooomla is a choice of the right strategy when creating your personal or corporate website. The platform allows you to adapt any unique design and layout of the site, allows you to work with the admin panel and change the text and multimedia content of the resource.

Development of Joomla sites allows you to integrate an almost unlimited number of different functional modules. In this case, the system is characterized by stability and performance.

Who do I order Joomla?

If you need to order the creation, development and promotion of any online resource, you can always contact "Space-Site".

In this case, a team of professionals will work on your project, and you will have full access to the project at each stage, if necessary.

Development of the site in Jumla can include the direct creation of the resource (design, layout, content), as well as its professional administration. For you we are ready to perform website development on any jumla format.

This can be a simple ">business card site, one-page, information portal, forum or a real ">Internet shop. Each of these types of resources is "handled" by the Jumla.


If you need to order "Creation of sites on Joomla at an affordable price, you can always contact "Space-Site".

Cost of the site on Joomla — Price 2021

Price of creating a website on JoomlaPrice, UAHTimeframe for development
Template design from 11999 UAH 9-13 days
Unique design from 17999 UAH 13-21 days
Unique design from 24999 UAH from 21 days

When cooperating with us you are guaranteed to receive:

  1. Project specification compliance.

  2. Experienced execution of each step.

  3. Individual approach and creation of a unique design project for your site.

  4. Professional content, administration.

  5. Compliance with all previously agreed deadlines.

If you're planning to move your activity to the Internet, order the website from Space-Site.

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