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Domain registration — register domain name | Price

Author: Анатолий Ситников

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FROM 276₴
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 Domain zonePrice for 1 year
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UAH 276 1380 UAH 2760 UAH
432 UAH 2160 UAH 4320 UAH
312 UAH 1560 UAH 3120 UAH 312 UAH 1560 UAH 3120 UAH 252 UAH 1260 UAH 2520 UAH
288 UAH
1440 UAH 2880 UAH
252 UAH
1260 UAH 2520 UAH
 .info 456 UAH 2280 UAH 4560 UAH
 .biz 486 UAH 2430 UAH 4860 UAH
 .org 468 UAH 2340 UAH 4680 UAH
 .ua from 500 UAH from 2500 UAH from 5000 UAH


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Каждый интернет-ресурс, точно так же, как и бизнес, имеет свое название. Домен – это специальное техническое имя, которое резервируется и в дальнейшем принадлежит только вашей компании.

From your domain name account customers can easily remember your name and will visit your resource. Traditionally, this name is entered in the browser line, which then connects to the server where your site is located. Thus, the user gets access to the information on the pages of your resource.

Domain registration is a necessary process without which you will not be able to fully log on to the network. Today, the registration of domains with a beautiful and thematic name - it is no less important marketing process than advertising and promotion in the network. Almost all entrepreneurs try to register a domain with a beautiful memorable name.

Factually hosting and domain registration is a technical and creative process. Technically, a domain name is a set of IP address numbers.

But the domain name itself is a text name that will be associated with your resource. Often it is a company name or a feature of the activity.

First difficulties encountered - we will help you!

Because many different businesses are moving into the network today, sometimes domain name registration can become a real problem. All of the names you're interested in may be simply busy. Therefore, it is recommended to check the domain registration before registering.

In this case, you will be able to check the relevance of the name and register a unique name. But most often it is with this stage that the greatest number of problems occurs.

Who will help with domain registration?

Company "Space-Site" offers you professional domain registration and hosting services. Our specialists are ready to perform all technical aspects of this work for you. Moreover, creative employees will help you to choose the actual and, most importantly, free domain name.

Thanking to cooperation with "Space-Site" company you will be able to bring your business to the Internet, as well as to order additional promotion. The cost of domain registration from our company will pleasantly surprise you. We understand that this is the first stage of your access to the Internet, so we give you the opportunity to save.

What concerns the uniqueness and creativity of the name, you can be sure that our creative studio will choose the best domain registrars for you.

If you want to bring your activity to the Internet, we are ready to do it quickly and efficiently. Order domain registration at an affordable price!

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