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Gas-filling station website — order development of a gas station website

Author: Анатолий Ситников

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Creating a website for gas stations

Competition in the field of gas stations is huge, it is not surprising that many gas stations are seeking to offer their customers maximum benefit and convenience. Now it is not enough to just refuel your car. On the territory of almost any gas station there is a shop, where you can buy goods for the car, snack on the road, other thematic goods. Often, large complexes offer ATMs, car wash, tire fitting, even a hotel.

To show all the available services, thereby attracting even more attention, it is worth creating a site gas station. This is a great tool in the fight to attract the attention of potential customers. In today's world on the Internet looking for literally everything. Don't ignore the flow of customers who can come from this information channel.

Statistics of requests for the gas station website

Filling station website is attractive for potential customers. In the network looking for information about services, so for the last month, the statistics of requests to Yandex looks like this:

  • Petrol - 14805.
  • Gas refueling - 11902.
  • Fill with gas - 9190.
  • Fill - 6974.
  • Petrol station - 6512.
  • Fueling - 5059.
  • Addresses of gas stations - 4582.
  • Fill with gasoline - 4492.
  • Fill gas cylinders - 3389.
  • Diesel fueling - 3234.
  • Propane Fill - 3112.
  • Diesel fuel filling - 3110.
  • Addresses of gas stations - 2125.
  • Car refueling - 1751.
  • Where to refuel - 1627.

What's the site for the gas station?

Today there are a lot of gas stations in any locality, so it becomes more and more difficult to attract attention. Also, the task of the gas station is to retain the customer. That's why all efforts are directed at forming a circle of regular customers.

Probably, the chances that the target visitor will become a permanent visitor are high. It is clear that the car needs to be constantly filled, and if the quality of service at the gas station is satisfactory, the person will visit it every time. Especially relevant for network filling stations, which are located in different parts of the city.

To improve the quality of service, in addition to improving the quality of fuel sold, it is worthwhile to offer potential customers, visitors to the site sections that may interest them. Among such useful:

  • Bonuses, discounts, promotions.
  • Participation in the loyalty program. By issuing a discount card you will be able to psychologically tie a person to a specific gas station.

If, in addition to private customers, there is a corporate service, including the sale of fuel in bulk, then this point should also be displayed on the site. Do not forget that access to the Internet space, provides an increase in the image in the eyes of customers and competitors. In addition, the Internet can be a good way to promote your marketing strategy. All this affects the duration and productivity of mutually beneficial cooperation.

Site sections for gas stations

If the site of the gas station was really useful, it is worth offering it with this structure:

  • Major. This page describes the key features and benefits of gas stations.
  • Production. The section concerning the fuels that can be filled. You can talk about quality control, show certificates.
  • Services - services. Here it is worth telling about the related services that are provided at gas stations. These can be corporate cards, cashless payment system, execution of advance orders for corporate clients.
  • Actions. One of the most visited sections, which will tell about the system of discounts, active promo programs, discounts.
  • Fuel cards. A section that provides comprehensive information about fuel cards, shopping opportunities and online design.
  • Filling station/address network. If there are other petrol stations of the same network, including in other cities, it is worth telling about them. It is necessary to specify addresses.

Turnkey Site Features:

  • Active 24/7 presence in the mass communication channel itself - the Internet.
  • Access to gas station information from anywhere in the country and the world.
  • Integration of the online shopping system and online fuel card refill.
  • Managing the loyalty program.

Our web design studio, offers the creation of a site gas station, including a network, which is fully consistent with the needs of this type of business. The price is adequate. Thematic resource from us - a unique design, rich interactive features, wide functionality, optimization for promotion in search engines. Our studio is located in Kiev.

Order the site of the gas station with us you can right now!


Cost of gas station site — Price 2021

Price of the gas station site Price, UAH Dates of development
Template design from 14999 UAH 10-15 days
Unique design from 24999 UAH 15-20 days
Unique design from 34999 UAH from 20 days
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