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Hosting — port or place your website on a hosting server | Price

Author: Анатолий Ситников

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Best price! HOSTING
FROM 4500₴
Discount on domain 20%

HostingPrice for 1 year  
from 5000 UAH
from 5500 UAH
from 5500 UAH
from 5500 UAH
from 5500 UAH
from 5500 UAH
Service namePrice
Domain registration 2000 UAH + domain
Register hosting 3000 UAH + hosting
Hoster change 5000 UAH
Domain change 5000 UAH
Transfer site within hoster 3000 UAH

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The decision to create your own or corporate Internet resource in the network is a strategically correct and balanced decision of a wise modern entrepreneur.

But keep in mind that creating a resource is not the entire algorithm that will allow you to make a profit on the network. For a complete "going public" you need to place the site on the hosting.

What is hosting or hosting?

This is a special allocated space on the server. Actually it is a cell on the special computer which constantly connections to a network the Internet. Such feature of connection is a guarantee of access of all users to a resource in a format 24/7.

Today there are a lot of hosting services that provide the opportunity to host the site on different terms.

The choice of hoster is a delicate matter that requires weighing both technical and financial conditions. The very location of the site on the server also requires a lot of specific technical knowledge, without which the output of the site in the network can be unsuccessful.

Why choose Space-Site

In order a website to be placed on the Internet and to ensure that the resource functions smoothly, we recommend that you contact "Space-Site". Professionals from our team will develop and host the site for you.

In that case, you can be absolutely sure that the site is hosted correctly and in compliance with all technical rules and regulations. All this is a guarantee that the resource will work steadily and bring you profit.

Price policy

Server hosting services generally offer a wide variety of terms and conditions and price offers. We will analyze the most advantageous offers on the market for you.

Now you can not worry about the question: how much does it cost to place the site on the Internet? Our experts will select the most favorable conditions (previously agreed with you) and perform all technical work on placing the site on the Internet.

If you are not online yet, we recommend that you contact Space-Site immediately.

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