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Technical site — order development for tech website | Price

Author: Анатолий Ситников

  • Unique or template design
  • Technical sites of any complexity
  • Help to attract customers to the site
  • Free Google Ad Setup
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Best price! TECHNICAL
FROM $992
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Website NameStartStandardOwnUnique
Site cost$ 992$ 1620$ 1892$ 3922
Payment to get started 50%
Development period in days from 10 from 30 from 20 from 40
CMS system Tilda WP/Joomla/Modx
Unique website design
Filling content*
Willingness to advertise**
1 year domain
1 year hosting
Adaptation for mobile
Quick Application Forms
Back call
Online chat
Express logo
Module our customers
Module our employees
Module our achievements
Social buttons networks
Creating Service Pages
Multilingual ability
Full site setup
Answer-Question Module
Google map
Slider module
Module our work
Feedback module
Site Management Instructions
Connect CRM and 1c calculated individually
Website advertising (optional) Discount when ordering a site 15%
SEO optimization*** $ 590
Google Ads*** $ 390
Advertising in social media*** $ 390
SEO promotion from $ 390 in 1 month
Site support free first month after creation

*We will fill the site with unique content and create: up to 10 landing pages for the desired goal (services, events, etc.), up to 5 informative pages of the site, up to 5 articles in the company’s blog. Those. You will receive a turnkey website completely ready for advertising.

**You will receive the site in a finished and complete form. On such a site, you can immediately start advertising on Google and start receiving applications and orders. The site will have everything that is necessary for the site to sell your services. We give a guarantee that the site will generate orders if our company is engaged in setting up advertising for the site on Google.

***One-time payment. The budget for ad impressions on Google or on social networks is paid separately. The budget for SEO website promotion per month from $ 390. The minimum budget for impressions on Facebook and Instagram is $ 5 per day. The minimum budget for clicks on Google per day is $ 20.

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Daily life and trade have long been online. The time has come for highly specialized professionals to develop technical sites that will enable them to share their work, research, or simply share useful information with like-minded people.

Messaging through this technical resource will open up many opportunities for engineers, mechanics, scientists and other specialists in the field.

Technical site cost - Price 2021

Price of technical site Price, UAH Dates of development
Template design from 9999 UAH 7-11 days
Unique design from 14999 UAH 11-14 days
Unique design from 19999 UAH from 11 days

The advantage of the technical site is that it contains many charts, graphs, tables, formulas, calculations and other technical documentation. In addition to the modern design of the resource should also competently and informatively place this information.

If you need a professional technical website development, you can contact SpaceSite.

Because of our experience in creating technical sites for you, we will place all the necessary data, developments and technical information in the most convenient form, which will be simple and understandable for each visitor.

Content delivery and formation will be handled by individual specialists, who will analyze your target audience and form all the data in the most understandable and concise form.

If you need to create, develop and promote a technical portal, please contact Space-Site.


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